Friday, November 22, 2013

Dalek-Sontaran Team-up!

Here's a post in anticipation of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who being broadcast tomorrow in England (and possibly elsewhere).

We discovered a great housewares store in town.What makes it great? We discovered they have Doctor Who-themed cooking merchandise. Since we were headed home to America (this was back in the summer) and wanted to get something quintessentially British for the folks (or should that be blokes?) back home, we bought some cookie cutters. Of course, it isn't a good idea to buy some untested product and then give it to your relatives, right? So we bought an extra set of cookie cutters (the Dalek/Sontaran set) to try for ourselves.

The first step was making some cookie dough. We took this recipe from the internet, a Christmas-cookie base that required mixing and then refrigerating for a while. And also licking of the used beaters!

L exterminates the remaining cookie dough

After appropriate cold had set in, my wife and children began rolling out the dough into a half-inch layer and cookie-cutting out the Doctor's most infamous menaces.

Dalek makes the cut

You'll notice the plunger on the front of the Dalek that is not the standard toilet-plunger attachment for most Daleks. This plunger is used to eject the uncooked cookie from the cookie cutter. It works very well as long as the cutter is clean and dry. About the third or fourth Dalek didn't come out so well. Flouring the cookie cutter between cuts might be a good solution.

Release of the Daleks

We made one set of cut-outs and sent them off to the oven for baking.

Before baking

They cooked fairly quickly though we had to hold off on eating them since they were super-nova hot when they came out. The kids wanted to eat right away but we held them back.

Only the Sontarans came out right-side up!

Before going to school in the mornings the kids usually have a little snack. The day after baking, we decided to have a special treat of Doctor Who cookies. J chose a Dalek to eat. Now we can brag that our son is so tough, he eats Daleks for breakfast!

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