Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Irish Leftovers

Here's some pictures that didn't make into other posts. I realize it's backwards to have leftovers the day before Thanksgiving, but that's the way the posts fell...

Let's start with food. At Bunratty Folk Park, we had lunch. I ordered the Irish Stew with a glass of mead (a honey-based wine).  The stew wasn't particularly good but I liked the mead.

Irish stew at Bunratty's

In Dublin, I had a much better stew with a more traditional beverage--Smithwick's Ale. Both were very tasty and a great last meal in Ireland.

Irish Stew in Dulbin

Irish brew in Dublin

I did sample many different local brews, including Guinness (which is certainly a classic but not to everyone's taste), Kilkenny (which is very drinkable, almost the iced tea of beers), and Beamish (not so remarkable).

One pub that we didn't go into (because we saw it on a Sunday morning in Tralee) is Sean Og's, where they apparently have drinking consultants!

Sean Og's, with a customer waiting to get in!

The post boxes in Ireland are pretty, I thought.

Irish post box

Not as pretty as L, of course, who is always willing to pose, including as a pirate on the ferry from Ireland back to England.

L on the streets

L the Pirate!

That's the end of Ireland, except for a few churches that will be popping up in the next few weeks or months.

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