Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Review: Fray by Joss Whedon et al.

Fray written by Joss Whedon, penciled by Karl Moline, and inked by Andy Owens

In a distant future people have forgotten about demons, vampires, and the slayer. But they do have flying cars! And Lurkers, who are exactly the same as vampires except they don't have the mythic reputation vampires have today. The Lurkers in this story are outsiders with plans to take over the world, so the world needs a new slayer to arise. The chosen one in this future is Melaka Fray, a nineteen-year old with great strength and agility and no idea that she has a greater destiny. She uses her skills to commit thefts for a fish-man who works for all sorts of sordid people.

Speaking of sordid people, a goat-horned demon shows up to teach Melaka about her destiny and train her for the coming war. She's already had run ins with Lurkers during her adventures. In one fight, her twin brother Harth was killed, so she has issues. If that was not enough, her older sister Erin became a cop after Harth's death so Melaka has even more issues. She works through those issues in typical Whedon fashion--plenty of witty banter, clever plotting, and heart-wrenching drama.

The story is an interesting futuristic imagining of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's world and is a compelling read. The end leaves open future story lines that sadly have not been explored...yet.

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