Thursday, August 27, 2015

Victorian Dreams Living History Camp 2015

L had a half-day camp in August called "Victorian Dreams Living History Camp." It was held in Ellicott City Colored School Restored, built in 1880 as the first public school for black children in Howard County. It was restored in 2003 and has some historical exhibits (we may visit it again on a weekend tour).

Ellicott City Colored School Restored

L loved the camp though she wasn't forthcoming about what she did at camp. I had to piece together events from what little she told me, the items she brought home, and the presentation on the last day of camp.

The one highlight she mentioned every day was having tea. They served a variety of herbal teas in proper china (I saw it on the last day but didn't get to take a picture). L's favorites were red vanilla and chamomile. She was especially happy that she got to put a packet of sugar in her cup! Rest assured, herbal teas have been added to the home shopping list.

They also learned about fans. In addition to making fans, they received a nice wooden fan and a sheet describing the various things a women could communicate with her fan. For example, if a woman held a fan in her left hand, she desires acquaintance; if in her right hand across her face, she's saying, "Follow me." Twirling her fan is a bad sign: if in the left hand, she wants to get rid of her conversant; if in the right hand, she loves another.

L's take home fan

A fan she made

They learned about Victorian Parlour Games (another hand out that came home), including Charades and Pass the Slipper. A favorite thing to learn was the Virginia Reel, which the students demonstrated on the last day for their parents.

They wore pinafores and learned about various typical dresses form the Victorian era--the House Dress for everyday living, the Walking/Visiting/Afternoon Dress for casual social interactions, and the Dinner Dress for evenings and more formal occasions.

The girls in pinafores

On the last day, they also received a certificate of completion which made L very proud.

The final presentation

Her certificate

If they offer this program next year, I am sure L will want to go.

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