Thursday, August 6, 2015

Montpelier Mansion Historic Days 2015

L, N, and I visited Montpelier Mansion for its hands-on history event Blast in the Past. J was at Chess Camp. L loved her visit to the late 1700s.

Gazebo with the mansion behind it

Our first stop was the well where L refreshed herself with some pretend water before starting a hard day of labor.

Cranking the bucket up and down

Tasty drink

Carrying water the old-fashioned way

The first task was feeding the animals and milking the cow. Luckily a wheelbarrow full of vegetables helped out. Unluckily, the cow didn't have any udder so we didn't get any milk!

Doing farm chores

"Goats like onions," L claimed

No bucket or stool for milking the cow

Readers may think this next activity was churning milk into butter but kindly remember that we didn't get any. The stick was used for crushing grains into flour, which L did with gusto.

Making flour by hand

Next, she camped out. Fishing and shooting were the main camp activities, though both were safe. The fishing pole had a magnet on the end to catch stuffed animal fish. The rifle was an all-wood design. L didn't have any targets.


L ready to hunt

L defends camp

L relaxes at camp

We took in some of the old-time entertainment--a puppet show and someone stuck in the pillory.

"Horse and Elephant" show

A criminal brought to justice

By the gazebo, L did some domestic chores. Laundry was a lot harder in those days. Happily, vacuuming wasn't a thing so L just brushed out the dirt from inside the gazebo.

Doing laundry

Cleaning house

If only her bedroom was this neat and clean

The final part of the play area was the town's business district with its typical assortment of merchants. We visited the weaver, the apothecary, the milliner, the smithy, and a clothing store.

L couldn't figure out how this loom worked

Mixing medicine at the apothecary

Decorating a hat at the milliner's

A satisfied worker

A satisfied customer

Checking out the tinware

An unsatisfied customer--"nothing is in my size!?!"

L finished off the visit by making and coloring in a small fan. It helped her beat the heat. All N had to fight the hot sun was a hat that he kept taking off. We stuck to the shade as much as possible, so we were okay.

L does a craft to take home

N looks cute

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