Monday, August 24, 2015

Gen Con 2015 Cosplay

There's no way to take a picture of every possible cosplayer at Gen Con because there are far too many. They were so numerous that four sat behind me at 8 a.m. Mass on Sunday! I didn't get their picture, not because I am shy about taking pictures in church but because I thought it would be inappropriate at Mass and I didn't catch them after Mass. Rest assured, they were modestly dressed and would have been totally unnoticeable if Mass had happened to be in 1415 instead of 2015.

Superheroes were the dominant group of cosplayers. By my count, Marvel outnumbered DC which is to be expected considering the movie and television coverage of the respective companies. Not that everyone was dressed like the character from the big and/or little screens.

Black Widow

Two Thors take on a Hydra goon

WWII-era Captain America

Classic Ms. Marvel

Two Steve Rogerses, Tony Stark, and a female Winter Soldier

Classic Spider-man

Steampunk Doctor Octopus

Current day Doc Ock

DC did have a very good showing. Harley Quinn was the most popular costume by far of any character, though I only got one of her incarnations.

One of the many faces of Harley Quinn

There were many Catwomen, but not as many as Harley

Movie version of Bane

Bat-girl and Poison Ivy

Black Manta with the apparent remains of Aquaman

Supergirl, coming to TV this Fall!

Green Lantern and Batman pose with kids

Doctor Who fans were representing in many ways.

Not really cosplay (or in focus) but really cool

One Dalek

Slightly melted Dalek

Star Wars had their fare share of cure robots and people dressed up. Seeing these, I realize I have fallen behind by not watching Clone Wars cartoons. Maybe I'll catch up in December...

An R2 unit

A Jedi

Clone warrior/trooper/whatever

The plural of Jedi is Jedi, right?

Possibly the same R2 unit

Some people dressed as favorite movie characters.

One of three Shaun of the Deads I saw

Couple from Tangled

I think the guy on the left is Chris Pratt's character from Jurassic World

Dread Pirate Roberts with some Star Wars types around him

Sauron has the ring!

TV, video games, and other games had plenty of creative fans.
Carmen Sandiego!

Cookie Monster demos a game

Halo's Master Chief with two others not from Halo

Katamari Damacy!

From the Saga comics I think

This guy's ID badge says he works for Black Mesa, the competition for Aperture Science

Dr. Seuss!

Pathfinder female barbarian whats-her-name

Also from Pathfinder?

And of course there was an assortment of steampunk (who may have been recognizable characters) and other cosplay types who defy easy categorization.

The first...thing...I saw

Technicolor steampunk?

Assorted (perhaps related) characters

More steampunk

This guy must be a character from something?!?

Fantasy outfit

Contest-running steampunk

Tough-looking steampunk

Not steampunk

Check out this amazing Tom Vasel cosplay!

Best Tom Vasel look-a-like ever!

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