Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gen Con 2015 Entertainment

Wandering the many halls of the Indianapolis Convention Center during Gen Con, I saw many different roving and stationary performers. I seemed to run into one group on a regular basis--Il Troubadore. They bill themselves as Indiana's "16th Century Rock Band" because they originally performed Italian Bel Canto, operatic arias, and folk music from Ireland and Scotland. They have greatly expanded their repertoire and their costumes. The first day I saw them (Friday of the convention), their outfits were mostly Star Trek. The lady was dressed like Princess Leia for some reason.

At first a trio...

...another Klingon made a quartet

The next day they had steam punk outfits.

She's more like a flapper than a steam-punker, but the goggles are quite definitively steam punk

The bassist shows up late again

I'm not sure why the bassist never stood too close to the rest of the band. I didn't smell anything weird, even when he was dressed as a Klingon. On Sunday, I saw them again with full-on Star Wars apparel. The lady wasn't there, so maybe she got her Leia on earlier in the con.

Last outfits

Plenty of other groups were providing entertainment as well-- Canyon Spells, Different Drummers Belly Dancers (who gave lessons as well as performances). Apryl Knight, Dan the Bard, Water Street Bridge, Marc Gunn, Marooned, and Damsels of Dorkington (who had improv shows which I did not see).

The entertainers made the atmosphere of the convention more fun and were a welcom break from running around like crazy. Sadly, the crowd sound drown out the singing on the videos I took with my camera! Better luck next year.

The other big musical event I attended was the Beach Party Saturday night in the Grand Ball Room of Union Station. It was your standard pop music of the past decade event, of which I know very little. I didn't recognize any songs and didn't do any dancing but did have a nice rum and coke.

Grand Ball Room, Union Station

View from half-way up the staircase

View from the top of the staircase

There's plenty of musical and comedy entertainment for attendees at Gen Con!

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