Tuesday, August 25, 2015

WGTS Ice Cream Social 2015

We'd heard about the ice cream social week from our local Christian radio station, WGTS. Their Friday social was at the Laurel Boys and Girls Center. J was in chess camp, so L and N came with me for a free treat.

WGTS Ice Cream Social, Laurel

We went to the main booth and got the main attraction--an ice cream sandwich!

A line for ice cream!

L enjoys her ice cream

But that wasn't the end of the giveaways! We spun a wheel to get a random prize. Well, the wheel was actually on an iPad, but that didn't bother us. L spun the wheel and won a book.

L spins...

The wheel and prizes

The book is one by Billy Graham, which isn't much of a treat for a six-year old. The guy quickly said L could pick from any of the other prizes on the table. She chose bubble mix.

L gets her prize

My turn to spin the wheel was next. I'd like to say I spun "bubble mix," but I really spun "candy." That meant I received a box of Cracker Jacks. L didn't know what they were, so I had the joy of introducing her. The most fascinating part was the toy surprise inside. L was very curious to see what was hidden in the box. We found a baseball sticker, which was a bit of a let down. The caramel-coated popcorn was a big hit, though.

Eating Cracker Jacks and checking out the toy surprise

N says, "Where's my turn at the wheel?"

A jump rope challenge was also offered but L was not interested.

Jump rope

We went back to the house and L used her bubble mix right away. At first, N was scared of the bubbles. Soon enough he tried to touch them and was smiling as they popped.

L blows bubbles up

The one that got away

L blows a bubble down

We had a grand time and wished J could have joined us. He wouldn't have liked the ice cream but I'm sure he'd have loved the Cracker Jacks.

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