Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gen Con 2015 Food

While the Indianapolis Convention Center does serve food, it is the standard corporate catering fare that's okay when you are getting coffee, tea, or soda, but not so great for actual food. Luckily, just outside the convention center is Georgia Street which is blocked off for the whole convention. Food trucks come in to serve a variety of meals, which is a good and necessary supplement to the local restaurants.

Crowds on Georgia Street

I ate mostly from the food trucks. My favorites were the Hot Box Pizza stand (not a truck since their restaurant was about a 5 minute walk away, meaning they delivered pizza and breadsticks to themselves!) and Island Noodles (also a stand but here the cooked the stir-fry soba noodles and veg in front of the customers).

I only took a picture of the Island Noodles stand, I guess their line was slow enough for picture taking

My favorite for beverages was the Sun King Brewery tent. The brewery is local and they make a special brew each year for the con. This year's beer was "Drink On and Prosper," which has a cool name but an unremarkable flavor. The can was cool too!

Commemorative can of Drink On and Prosper (I didn't keep the empty can)

They had a variety of other beers on tap. I tried the Wee Mac Scottish Ale, which had a nice, nutty and caramel flavor; the Sunlight Cream Ale, which had a golden, hoppy flavor perfect for warm summer nights; and Osiris Pale Ale, a typical IPA.

The Scottish Ale

The brewery also sponsored an entertainment tent. They had a big twenty-sided dice roll off one night and a band the next night. The band was called 90s Daughter and they played hits of the 1990s, which I guess are considered classics now.

Mega-20D roll off

I couldn't resist getting a premium cupcake from Indy's Original The Flying Cupcake. They had a Zombies and Cream cupcake--devil's food cake with white buttercream icing and oreos crumbled over the top. And a zombie escaping!

Cupcake truck

Zombies and cream

On the final day of the con, when everything stopped at 4 on Sunday afternoon, I searched for a real restaurant to have a sit-down meal. I considered some options and went with Steak and Shake, a famous mid-west chain. I had a turtle shake (hot fudge, caramel, and pecans) and a cajun steak sandwich.

Steak and Shake's shake and steak sandwich

I liked the sandwich but the shake suffered from the sticky toppings and chunky nuts getting caught in the straw. They need wider straws or sturdier straws, or I need to order a shake without chunks and thick sauces!

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