Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gen Con 2015 Fundraisers

Gen Con has some large events that are fundraisers for local charities. This year's charity is The Julian Center. I saw a couple of the events in action.

The first event was a fellow trying to make a world record for the largest balloon sculpture (or possible the most balloons). I don't know if he made the record, but he did make a gigantic red dragon.

Massive balloon sculpture

On Sunday at noon they let people pay to slay the creature. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of a Dice Masters Rainbow Draft and missed the actual slaying of the creature.

An on-going fundraiser was Cardhalla XVII. Cardhalla is where old, unused, unloved, unwanted cards go to their fate. People come and fold cards and put them together to create card houses, sculptures, etc. People continue working on it throughout the con.

Cardhalla on Friday

High view on Saturday morning

High view Saturday afternoon

Saturday night at 10 the organizers start auctioning off who will get the first shot at knocking down the card houses. After the first person has a go, everyone is encouraged to throw their loose change into the structures to destroy the houses, sculptures, etc. Towards the end of the destruction, some houses would not fall. Someone rushed in and plowed right through them like Juggernaut smashing through a wall.

Cardhalla's ragnarok

A few bits left

Sunday morning--no sign of Cardhalla left

They raised about $5900, their highest amount ever.

The convention had a used game auction where people could donate and/or buy old games. The auction seemed to be going the whole time. I never stopped in since I had severe baggage limitations on my flight. Any great deals I got would be lost if I had to pay $50 for a carryon or $100 to check something. I did peek in from time to time.

Charity Auction

I missed some of the events, like the "Wig'n'Stache V: Monsters vs. Heroes" and "Star Trek: Five Year Mission" because I was busy with other things. Sounds like lots of fun.

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