Saturday, May 19, 2018

Book Review: Avengers: Mighty Origins by P. David et al.

Avengers: Mighty Origins written by Peter David, art by Andrea DiVito, Jon Burran, Nigel Raynor, Mike Bowden, and Walden Wong

Picking up right after the classic Avengers origin story (Loki tricks Thor into fighting the Hulk, hoping Hulk will beat him; Iron Man, Wasp, and Ant-Man are drawn into the fray; after sorting out the deception, Loki is banished and the group discovers Captain America's frozen body), this book has Loki scheming to bring down the Avengers. He is mad that as the god of chaos he's united a bunch of heroes to prevent mischief and evil on Midgard. Loki hatches a new scheme to divide the Avengers against each other. They are just learning to trust each other; Loki will undermine that trust and have them fighting in no time.

The story is entertaining even in its predictability. The author has a good sense of the characters and has some natural humor with each of them. I was also happy to see it wasn't just a retread of the classic origin story but a sequel showing the bond of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America getting stronger.

The book also contains the first issue of The Avengers after Civil War II where they have to regroup and fight Kang the Conqueror, who travels through time and causes trouble. That story was less interesting, mostly because it's a teaser for another graphic novel.

Recommended for some classic Avenger action and storytelling.

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