Tuesday, May 15, 2018

FRES Spring Carnival 2018

We went to the kids' school's annual carnival, which was very similar to previous carnivals (see here, here, and here). Unfortunately, the weather called for rain so the rock climbing wall did not make an appearance this year. Also unfortunately, my school kids decided they were too old for bouncy castles so they never went in them. I still took pictures.

Obstacle course

More like a padded cell than a castle

They concentrated on inside games instead. I, still being a Cub Scout committee member, set up an information table, which was also inside.

Cub Scout table

The games were a lot of fun. Some didn't have prizes, they were just fun skill challenges.

Get the ball in the hole using angles

Bounce a wiffle ball into one of the colored holes

Ball in mid-flight

Three throws to cover the red spot in blue

A perennial favorite was the cake walk which all the kids tried several times. We didn't come home with any cake, sadly.

Older and younger son ready to walk

Each carnival attraction required a check-off on a card. Once the cards were full, the kids turned them in for prizes. My older son got the whole world for one of his cards!

Playing catch with the planet Earth

The cafeteria was snack central. Cotton candy was the most popular, though we also tried the nachos since the carnival was on Cinco de Mayo.

Cotton Candy Customer

Yummy and messy!

The school mascot came to visit while we were in the cafeteria but my kids didn't want pictures with Eddie the Eagle.

Mascot posing with someone else's kid

My daughter loves temporary tattoos and face painting. She liked the tattoos so much that she went back for seconds!

First tattoo

Getting the second tattoo (should it be "tattwo"?)

Side by side comparison

A cake was raffled off to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the school. The cake was very impressive. We didn't win the raffle but I think that was because we didn't buy any tickets for it.

25th Anniversary cake

We had a grand time and look forward to next year.

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