Monday, May 7, 2018

Cute Kid Pix April 2018

More pictures that didn't make their own post...

Grandpa came to visit for his birthday. We took him to a baseball game, which even short-term readers have read about here. We also made him a cake with chocolate bars inside. The preschooler was happy to help with the candles.

Working together


Who needs more than four slices?

The first library story time in April was about rain, which didn't stop them from pulling out the bubble machine for some extra fun.

Happy bubble time

Later in the week we went to another storytime, also with the rain theme. The children did a simple craft--gluing some raindrops and an umbrella on a piece of paper, with the typical coloring for good measure.

Gluing water?!?

The most natural smile ever

The older kids' school had their twenty-fifth anniversary celebration which included collaborative art by the students. My daughter worked with a younger student to produce this art and predictions about the future...

Click to enlarge

Proud artist?

My oldest son and his friend performed a saxophone duet for their school's 25th anniversary. They played the duet twice!

Another library was about wild animals and had a classically easy craft. In a surprising twist, my preschooler let me help with the crayons. I colored with every other color!

Gluing the elephant down

No picture of me coloring, alas!

Final result

April 28, 2018, was International Table Top Day, celebrating board gaming at stores across the country. We visited our local game story, The Family Game Store, to try some demos and snag some swag. The kids enjoyed trying out Sticky Chameleons, a dexterity game where players roll dice then try to get the bug that matches the color and shape. Players flick elastic, sticky tongues at the table to make the capture. It looks like lots of fun.

Ready to roll and flick

Since all of us were there, we picked up a bunch of free promo items for games we have.


April was a fun month and we are looking forward to May!

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