Monday, May 21, 2018

Laurel Main Street Festival 2018

We went to the Laurel Main Street Festival, held on May 12, 2018.

A view of Main Street, Laurel, with festival in progress 

We didn't make it to the 9 a.m. parade, which featured our pastor as the Grand Marshall (since the parish is celebrating its 175th anniversary). We did run into the parochial vicar on the street later and had a nice chat with him.

Taken from the church's Facebook album!

The street was lined with all sorts of vendors from food providers to clothing sellers to home repair and renovation companies to local businesses and on and on. One vendor interesting vendor was a local beekeeper who was selling honey and soap. He had some bees on display. Our kids were fascinated to see them. We parents were happy that the bees were safely stored behind glass.

Admiring the bees

The guy told us that the bees were gathering at the top to keep the about-to-be-born bees warm. We even saw the queen bee, which they had marked with a small spot of paint to help them find her.

Testing the temperature of the bees

The attractions weren't just on the sides of the street. My son saw a dinosaur walking down the center and was happy to greet her.

Run in with a dinosaur

In addition to the sales, a couple of bands were playing. We didn't stop to listen since the kids were drawn down the street by the smells of popping corn and frying foods.

One set of singers

We eventually gave in and bought a fresh-made funnel cake, which is the best way to have funnel cake. We split it among the five of us, making it a tasty treat without it being a diet-busting experience.

Powdering our cake

By the way, that box of Oreos isn't there by accident--the stand was also selling deep-fried Oreos! Such a treat is too decadent for us.

Our funnel cake

We walked down a bit farther and bought hot dogs at one of the church stands. The church offered shaded seating which we liked very much. Another church across the street was having a book sale, which we naturally could not resist. We picked up the Bartimeaus Trilogy and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among other fine acquisitions.

On the way back to the car, we bought some honey from the beekeepers. We enjoyed their presentation and we use honey quite a bit, so it just made sense.

We are looking forward to next year's festival!

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