Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Game Review: Sticky Chameleons by Iello

Sticky Chameleons designed by Theo Riviere and Cedric Barbe, art by Remy Tornior, and published by Iello

Sticky Chameleons is a two- to six-player game where players are chameleons trying to eat just the right bugs to win the game. Setting the game up is easy--the game comes with a bunch of sturdy cardboard insects who will be lunch for the players. Players have to watch out, though, so they don't grab the wasps by accident. The bugs are spread across a table randomly.

Setting out the insects (including the wasps)

Closer look at the insects

In turn, each player rolls two dice. One determines the color of insect, the other the type of insect.

Dice, which are normal sized, this is just a close up picture

Then players try to get the insects. This is where the "sticky" part of the game comes in. Players use their tongues! Not their actual human tongues--the game comes with eight elastic sticky tongues that players flick at the table to catch the right critter.

The sticky tongue (which is washable and reusable)

If a player's tongue grabs other colorful insects in addition to the right one, that's okay. They'll still score a yummy token. If a wasp is on their tongue, then they won't score. Also, the player has to remove the insect and put it back on the play area. While they are drawing their tongues back, other players could flick their tongues over and possibly snatch the bug off of the other tongue. So chaotic fun is had by all.

Since play only continues till one player has collected five yummy tokens, the game goes pretty quickly--assuming you have good players. Our youngest son is a bit of a challenge to play with since he hasn't figured out how to flick the tongues and he gets very upset if he doesn't win or if someone steals his insect. He's also slower than others at finding the right color and type of insect on the table. So the game might require patience with the under-five crowd.

Dipping is not flicking!

The game is fun and inexpensive and quick to play, as long as you have the right crowd to play along.

Recommended, if your players aren't too competitive.

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