Monday, April 1, 2013

Europe's Dirty Little Secret

You may have heard about the recent scandal over the discovery of horse meat mixed into other meats sold in stores here in England. It's been a great boon for the local butchers, who proudly display signs saying they sell only locally grown livestock. But as we have traveled through different countries in Europe, we've discovered a much more shocking secret. Apparently it's no big deal because these items are sold openly in stores, clearly marked with their contents. I'm talking about food items that have made me blue--they eat Smurfs!!!

They make Smurfs into gummy-worm-type snacks!

Smurfs, served German-style

They make them into marshmallows!

Spanish-style Smurfs

In case you think it's limited to Germany and Spain, look at the many different languages on the packaging...this is mass marketing, people!

A Smurf by any other name would taste as sweet--Shakespeare

The worst part is, L loves them and demands them every time we see them in the store.

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