Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hauptbahnhof Tower, Stuttgart

One of the great things about the downtown train station in Stuttgart is the tower, which allows visitors to see a lot of the town. It's free and has an elevator. The only part of it the children didn't like was the frigid temperatures at the top.

Hauptbahnhof, Stuttgart

The tower has a clock and an illuminated Mercedes-Benz rotating logo on the top. The children were excited to go up to the eleventh floor and then take a winding staircase to the observation deck.

They were less enthused by the windy, chilly weather we found up there. I took pictures as fast as I could before we headed back down in search of hot chocolate.

The tower gives a nice view down Konigstrasse, the main pedestrian street with fancy shops and food.

View down Konigstrasse

To the east is a view of the Schlossgarten or castle garden.

View of Schlossgarten and the east

More of the east side of town

The view to the north is dominated by the surface tracks that leave the station.

Goodbye, trains!

To the west is more of the town, including a bit of farming area on the hill in the near distance.

The train station and city

More on hot chocolate in the next post!

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