Saturday, April 6, 2013

Louvre--Final Finds

Our last stop in the Louvre is full of items from all over the museum's many galleries and buildings.

First, the Apollo Gallery is home to the crown jewels of France, including some of historical regal items.

Entrance to the Apollo Gallery

Inside the Apollo Gallery

Displayed in cases are some of the royal crowns of France. This crown was made for Empress Eugenie in 1855 for the Universal Exposition that year. It is made of gold with 2,490 diamonds and 56 emeralds by the jeweler Gabriel Lemonnier.

Crown of Empress Eugenie

Also on display is the court sword of Louis XV (1710-1774), the handle made in London and the blade in Paris.  The crown on the right is Louis XV's, was especially commissioned for his coronation. The crown contained 282 diamonds, 64 colored stones (including 16 rubies, 16 sapphires and 16 emeralds) and 237 pearls. It was then sent to the abbey of Saint-Denis. Later on, the precious stones were replaced with paste copies.

Crowns and sword of state

In the Richelieu Wing (a separate but connected building), Guillaume Coustou's Marly Horses are on display along with some other French sculptures. The Horses were commissioned for the horse pond at Chateau de Marly in 1739, but were moved to Paris during the Revolution to protect them from the destruction of the Chateau.

Marly Horse

The other Marly Horse

Horse by someone else

Other statues and patrons  (note another backside)

One part of the museum I missed was Napoleon III's apartments. After so much wonderful art I was rather tired and didn't want to see what I imagine is a bunch of furniture. Plus, we all know threequels are usually disappointing (like Godfather III or Spider-Man III).

Some other little bits include a cool sphinx and an unfortunately self-harming fellow.

Sphinx from Egypt


Thus ends this visit to the Louvre. Maybe when the kids are older (and have more endurance for such things) we will take them there and see even more of the wonderful art housed inside and outside.

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