Monday, April 22, 2013

Water Lily Hotel, Chania, Crete

Our first hotel in Crete was Water Lily Hotel-Apartments just outside Chania. It was very close to the airport and an easy ride after a long morning of flying from the UK. The flight was surprisingly unremarkable. Things went really well at the airports and on board. Getting the car seats into the rental car was simple and driving was not too hard. We were soon at the hotel.

Our first hotel on Crete

The rooms are large and spacious with plenty of balconies to spare. We could see the Mediterranean from our room!

Good thing they trim the branches!

The neighbor's orange tree

The other balcony!

On the roof they have a seating area with a bar. It looked quite comfy and the views were very nice.

Upstairs bar

Upstairs seating

View from the upstairs

Mountains with monasteries!

Across the street was a small market where we bought some breakfast items. The hotel owners had offered to make a traditional Cretan breakfast, but it wouldn't be till 9 a.m. which would be too late for the children. Plus, we wanted to head out early. It hurt me to say no, but it was the right decision.

The staff was really nice to the kids. When we came back from the store, they loaned us a great big teddy bear, a smaller stuffed dog, a soccer ball, and a board game. We couldn't quire figure out the board game since it's in Greek. It had parts from several other board games inside. I was surprise to see it's made by Milton Bradley. I guess they make foreign language games as well.

Playing with the teddy bear and dog


We would soon discover everyone in Crete is extremely generous, a matter of pride for Greeks. We asked for a restaurant recommendation for dinner, which we will visit in the next post...

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