Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NRM Robots Live!

We went to the National Railway Museum in York for their Robots Live! exhibit back in March (2013, in case you are reading this in the far distant future). The exhibit was for one weekend only and featured lots of different robots.

J, something is sneaking up on you!

The people from Robot Wars had an arena set up with battles every hour or so. We watched one. It wasn't too scary, except for the poor quality of my cell phone pictures and the very loud noises.

Battle arena

Robot repair shop

The other star attraction was Skeletron, a rope-climbing robot. But that is not all that he does...check out this video (also of dubious quality, next time I will remember the regular camera!).

A Dalek also wandered around an enclosed area. We could not get close enough for a passable picture or a video. He was much larger than I imagined he would be in real life.

If Robots Live! comes to your neighborhood science or industry museum, definitely check it out!

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