Thursday, April 18, 2013

German Food 2013

On our trip to Germany we had some delicious food. Our favorite restaurant (since we went there twice) was the inaptly named Schlossturm, which means "Castle Tower" though it was actually one story underground. Maybe the castle was buried? Anyway, the food was really good, with waiters and waitresses dressed in traditional German garb. We didn't get any pictures of the clothes but we did of some of the food.

Pig's knuckle with dumplings and sauerkraut

J, me, boiled sausage, yummy pretzel

L with spatzle

J and Allison have good times!

Medieval-looking wall decorations

We also bought some pastries from a local bakery and chocolate shop.

Chocolateria, much better than a cafeteria

Pretzel roll, berliner, pretzel

When I saw the berliner, a type of jelly donut, in the store I had to get it and try it. I've heard the probably apocryphal story of when U.S. President John Kennedy gave a speech in Berlin during the Cold War and at one point said, "Ich bin ein Berliner." He was saying he was a Berliner, like the crowd in front of him, showing his solidarity. Some people thought he was claiming to be a jelly donut, perhaps making a joke or a faux pas. I give little credence to this story, so little that I am not bothering to check it at or anything.

We ate lots of wonderful food. Unfortunately, the trip was during Lent when I had given up drinking beer, so I am unable to report on any wonderful beers I would have had. I'm sure we'll have another Germany trip before too long!

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