Friday, April 26, 2013

Chania Playground, Crete

Outside the old town area of Chania is the Public Gardens. The guide books all said this was a great area for children and we soon discovered why.

Massive tree, good for climbing!

As we walked into the gardens, we discovered some large cages with goats inside. Other children were feeding them leaves. J and L soon joined in. We had bought a sesame seed bread ring at the Agora and gave them some little bits off that.

J feeds a goat

L poses with a goat

Goat has a state-sponsored snack

Further on were two pens for peacocks. We still had some of the bread ring and gave them a taste too. Mostly the cages had peahens (the females who are less showy) and only one peacock (who was very showy and had the longest tail I'd ever seen on a peacock).

Peacock who is mostly tail

Just beyond this area was the playground, which was the star attraction of the day for the children. They swung, slid, merry-go-rounded, and had a fabulous time all around.

L was happy that she was lighter than J!

Too many slides to choose from

Not sure who designed those rungs, climbing inside is a challenge

Fun on swings

We couldn't stay long enough to satisfy the children! But eventually we had to go get lunch back at the Agora, and then head off to our new hotel to check in and check out the swimming pool!

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