Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Book Review: Locke and Key Vol. 6 by Joe Hill et al.

Locke and Key Volume 6: Alpha and Omega written by Joe Hill and art by Gabriel Rodriguez

The saga of the Locke family comes to a close in this final volume of Locke and Key. The last volume gave a lot of back story and set up the worst possible ending--young Bode's body has been taken over by Lucas/Dodge/whatever demon came through the portal beneath the house and he's acquired the Omega Key, meaning he can let more of the demons through. The Locke family nightmare is about to become the world's nightmare!

Or so it seems. The final story starts on a predictable path but enough twists are thrown in to make it intriguing and to keep the reader staying up all night to finish (or maybe it was just me?). The ending is very satisfying--all the loose ends are tied up and no huge mysteries are left. So there won't be any sequels, but if Hill and Rodriguez collaborate on another project I will read it. The writing is great and the art matches the story perfectly.

Highly recommended--but be warned there's a lot of bloody violence, swearing, some discreet sex scenes, etc., so the series is appropriate for teens and up.

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