Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Train to Montserrat, Spain

The easiest way to get to Montserrat is to ride the funicular train up the side of the mountain. This particular train is called the "Cremallera de Montserrat," and took us up the hill quite quickly. Parking at the bottom is free for riders and the trains ran every thirty minutes when we were there (a Monday morning off-season).

View of the station from inside the train

View of the station from just beginning the trip up the mountain

The ride up was fun for all, giving nice views of the valley, the mountain, and Collbato, the town below Montserrat.

The valley

The mountain


At one point, we saw the downward train coming toward us, but like all good funicular rail systems, the track split into two near the middle so we didn't crash. We also had occasional glimpses of the monastery at the top as we ascended.

A glimpse of the bell tower from half-way up

Three-quarters of the way up and the tower is further away!?!

The train took its last hairpin turn and we disembarked at the station right next to the monastery and the tourist complex that has grown up around it.

Train station at the end of the line

From here, we could have taken another funicular rail further up for more spectacular views, but we decided not to as the weather conditions were not entirely conducive further up the mountain.

The other funicular

The other station

A reason not to go high up the hill

We had plenty of fun exploring Montserrat's main attractions on the main level. More of that in the next post!

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