Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vic Cathedral, Spain

The cathedral in Vic, Spain, dates back to the 1000s. Changes have been made through the years with parts of the church representing various periods. The exterior bell tower still shows the Romanesque style of the original church.

Vic Cathedral, Spain

Romanesque bell tower

Buildings on the church plaza

The interior is neo-classical and quite dark inside. The main altar is in alabaster by Pere Oller, following the 14th century Gothic style.


L in the church

Main altar

Murals have been painted on most of the walls by Josep M. Sert, featuring J's Latin name!

Jacobus et Lucas!

Back door mural: "Behold Your King"

Another mural

We lit some candles and then paid the modest fee to go down into the Romanesque crypt. The wall carvings were amazing but hard to photograph properly. Sadly, none of the photos came out.

Crypt from the 1000s

Many of the side altars and other adornments in the main church are striking in their beauty.

Blessed Sacrament chapel

Altar to the Holy Family

Retable by Pere Oller c. 1427

Sarcophagus of Bernat Despujol

The crypt ticket includes admission to the Gothic cloister, a covered walkway used by monks to get to different parts of the cathedral. Unlike most cloisters, the center has a large memorial in it. Typically a small lawn is in the middle.

Cloister walkway

Cloister memorial

The cloister is also where the mural artist, Josep Sert, is buried.

Sert tomb

Just off the cloister is another small chapel with some fine altars inside.

Baroque-looking tabernacle

A much simpler altar

In a niche on the cloister

The cathedral is inspiring and worth the visit.

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