Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New addition!

My apologies to all my loyal readers out there. With all the activity this summer, I neglected to mention that we are expecting. Or, rather, we were expecting. The big day has come and N. was born at 11:59 a.m. this morning (if you are reading this as I post on Wednesday). He is eight pounds nine ounces and twenty and a quarter inches. Mommy and son are doing well.

First photo

His feet!

J and L were able to visit (thanks Granny and Grandpa) and see newborn N up close.

J and N

L, J, Mommy, and N

My son and I

Two of the aunties and one cousin came to see him, but N was awake only for one Auntie to hold him.

N and his auntie

A good final shot for day one

There's sure to be more posts soon!


  1. Great pics! So adorable. Glad to hear everyone's doing well.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wonderful surprise! Welcome Nicholas!

    I was just reading yesterday about the Council of Nicea when Nicholas slapped Arius in the face. Your Nicholas may be named after St. Nick, but if he is then this boy's got a lot to live up to. :-D