Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Review: The Walking Dead Vol. 19: March to War by Robert Kirkman et al.

The Walking Dead Vol. 19: March to War written by Robert Kirkman and art by Charlie Adlard

The comic book saga of Rick and company continues. They've moved into a new compound in the suburbs of Washington, DC, but are being blackmailed by a gang of thugs led by Negan, a sadistic tough guy. In the last issue he beat Glenn's head to bits but he spared Carl's life when Carl shot up a lot of his men. So Negan is a bit unpredictable. He does have a lot of followers who help him, too many for Rick and company to handle on their own.

Except that Rick has found two other groups in the area who are also paying tribute to Negan and they both want to stop paying. The three groups plan to take him out of the picture through an all-out war. Can they get their act together before Negan finds out and stops them?

I was a little worried at the end of the last issue that Rick's people are turning into little more than thugs themselves. They've realized that the one thing they are really good at is fighting. So far, they've been fighting on the right side of things but how long can that last? This issue reaffirms Rick's uprightness if not his shrewdness. He's smart and resourceful but doesn't quite have enough information or imagination to come out on top every time. Kirkman manages a level of likeableness and flaws that keeps readers coming back.

This issue isn't as deep with the rest of the characters. Much of the story is given over to moving people and resources into place for the upcoming battles. I'm intrigued enough to keep reading.

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