Sunday, August 17, 2014

Esglesia de Sant Vicenc d'Espinelves, Spain

In the small hamlet of Espinelves in the heart of Catalonia is a church dedicated to St. Vincent of Saragossa. The church was consecrated in the 12th century, following the Lombard traditions dominant in French and Catalonian architecture. It sits on top of a hill in Espinelves, making it a little tricky to photograph outside.

Esglesia de Sant Vincenc d'Espinelves, Spain

The interior is small but nicely intimate, with a simple altar in the central nave.

Central altar

To the right of the altar is a small chapel featuring a crucifix; to the left is a lovely statue of Our Lady. The church was re-dedicated to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in the 15th century after the victory of Don Juan of Austria at Lepanto.


Madonna and child

At the back is a rather tall staircase leading up to the bell tower. J and I were tempted to climb but we were there for a wedding, so there was no way to be subtle about sneaking around.

Would be nice to explore...

For the wedding, one of the guests did ring the bells at the beginning and the end, which was lovely but not easily heard inside through the stone walls. The wedding was quite beautiful and we all had fun at the reception afterwards (though I criminally forgot to take pictures at the reception; I guess I was enjoying myself too much).

Happy couple exiting the church

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