Saturday, August 23, 2014

Canterbury, England

Our visit to Canterbury was dominated by the Cathedral (naturally) but we saw some of the rest of the town as well. We stayed at a YHA place that wasn't as nice as some of the other hotels nearby, but was pretty great by hostel standards.

Our place

Fancier place two blocks closer to the city

With the kids, we didn't want to walk into town, so we drove into the middle. We parked by the old walls. The moat outside has been turned into a car park, a rather clever use.

How do you get in?

The old walls have gates every now and again. We passed through Burgate, which led us onto a charming street with a lot of history and some fun decorations.

An old building with a new shop

Random street corner with Our Lady watching over it!

Close up of Our Lady

St. Thomas Catholic Church (with its bell tower!)

Rude gargoyle?

Gentler gargoyle

The street soon came to a town square right by the Christ Church Gate.

A town square

The roads of Canterbury

Christ Church Gate

Gate details

Jesus on the gate!

Tomorrow we'll visit the Cathedral!

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