Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Girona, Spain, Part II

After touring some of Girona and seeing the cathedral, we went to the Jewish Quarter and found lunch. Lots of the restaurants seemed similar, but we held out for one that promised chicken nuggets for the kids. We found one down the road from the Jewish History Museum. Not only did they have chicken nuggets, they also had outdoor seating. My wife and I enjoyed a three-course meal while the kids enjoyed their familiar standby. I had paella (a local rice dish with sea food and meat mixed in) and crema catalana (a local dessert much like creme brule).


Crema catalana

We saw the tour group go by as we ate. They looked jealous! We finished up in leisurely fashion and then started the climb through town to the old walls.

Our path up led us through the winding streets and past more churches, some of which have been converted to other uses.

Stairs leading to the Esglesia de Sant Marti Sacosta

Plaza of St. Domenic, now part of the University of Girona

The road by the university led us to a staircase up to the city walls. J was the first to climb and proud to be on top of things. Mommy and L followed as best they could.

J on the wall first

Mommy and L make it up the stairs

View of University of Girona from the wall

More of northern Girona and the wall

L and I take the lead

We followed the wall to the Torre de Sant Domenec, or Tower of St. Dominic, clearly named after the church that became the university. A spiral staircase led up the tower. J, L, and I ascended and enjoyed the view.

L the brave climber

View of the wall, Mommy, and the cathedral

View of the city outside the wall

University buildings with the cathedral again

Back on the walls we traveled the bit between Torre de Sant Domenec and Torre Gironella, with more views into the university.

The back of St. Dominic's church which is now a university building

Some nice gardens inside the walls

At the Torre Gironella, J went up by himself but I was unable to get a picture of him at the top.

J the brave climber

Inside the tower gate is the Jardin dels Alemanys, a well-kept garden that provided a shady relaxing spot on our adventures.

The family at rest

The gardens

More gardens

We were tired out by this point. We wound our way down the hill to our parking garage by the river, getting one last picture before leaving the fun town of Girona. If we'd had more energy and time, we'd have explored some of the other churches.

Last view of Girona

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