Friday, August 29, 2014

More Baby Pictures from the Hospital and from First Bath!

Baby N had a lot of visitors in the hospital, only some of them got photographed.

L and N

J and N

Granny and N

Grandpa and N

J, Granny and N

About a week later, he had his first bath (we had to wait until his umbilical cord dropped off). It went off well--he didn't fuss much at all.

Doesn't know what's coming

Doesn't care

What's that big blue thing?

Almost ready to go in

First dip, no crying!

Cleaning ears

Cleaning eyes

A sign of discontentment

Backwash, or  "what are you doing back there!?!"

Coming out, just in time

A warm and cozy towel, what everyone wants


  1. great pics! looks like he handled the bath very well. who was bathing him, and who was holding the camera?

  2. Mommy and Daddy were the bath attendants and Granny the photographer.