Monday, September 8, 2014

Beverley, England

Beverley is a Yorkshire town that dates back to the AD 700s. St. John of Beverley founded a monastery here which eventually grew into minster surrounded by a sizable town. Beverley still retains a lot of medieval and Georgian architecture. Many of the shops and streets have fun names.

The Monks Walk, not such a strange name for a pub

The Tea Cosy

Ye Olde Pork Shoppe!

Pettits is on...

No caption necessary

Beware what is on Lairgate!

The town also features a Saturday market. Since we visited on a Saturday we saw many stalls offering a variety of wares. We did do some shopping.

Setting up the market in one part of town

J shops for fruit

Even more market!

Brown's building obscured by the market

We also enjoyed the local talent. This next picture may look like J is ready to hit L, but if you watch the video you'll find out what's really going on.

Look out, L!

The town has a few good museums. We visited the Treasure House and Art Gallery, which has a tower with nice views and some interesting exhibits.

Approaching the museum

Treasure House and Art Gallery

Tower view of across the street

Tower view of Beverley Minster

L was drawn to the DIY art exhibit which she enjoyed thoroughly.

L ready to make art

I was fascinated by this cork life vest used by 1800s-era seamen.

Cork life jacket

Three friends were metal-detecting at a farm in 2002 and discovered a cache of Iron Age weapons. The find is know as the South Cave Weapons Cache (the farm is in South Cave, the weapons were not found in a cave). Five iron swords with copper scabbards and 33 iron spearhead were found. No human remains were found, so it is assumed that someone stashed some weapons for later use but never got around to it.

South Cave Weapons Cache

Beverly is fun to walk around, seeing all sorts of wonderful sights. We even enjoyed driving through a medieval gate that was not designed for two-way traffic (at least not two automobiles).

Walking back to the car

Town square

Taken at a red light

The minster

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