Monday, September 1, 2014

Scarborough, England

Scarborough is a coastal Yorkshire town that has been a popular resort destination since 1626, when it became known as a spa town. The castle dates back to the 1100s and will get its own post.

The town has two beaches. The North Bay (north of the castle) is lined with quiet cabanas.

North Bay as seen from the castle

The South Bay is the touristy area with the pier and the arcades and fried food, etc.

South Bay as seen from the castle

We headed down the castle and saw St. Mary's Church, which is notable as the burial place of Anne Bronte. She had come to Scarborough in 1849 to recover from an illness but died and was buried here.

St. Mary's Church

Anne Bronte's grave

The walk down to the beach was steep and windy, leading us through many roads. We found a good parking spot in town and walked past the short train down to the shoreline. On our way back to the car, we used the train to go uphill.

A house near the castle


One of the poshest attractions in Scarborough is the Grand Hotel. Opened in 1867, it was the height of luxury then. It still looks fantastic, especially from the shore.

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel's shoreline facade

J and L weren't interested in the hotel, however. They were perfectly happy to splash around in the water (which was not at all warm) and eat some boardwalk snacks.

J in the water


Boardwalk arcade

We loved visiting Scarborough.

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