Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cheltenham, England--Again!

We visited Cheltenham once in 2011 and then went back a year later. Finally, here is what we did the year later! On this trip, we visited a local park with a nice walking trail and a fabulous garden.

We visited in April so the air was still chilly. We found a secret trail leading into the park under a road and over a bridge.

Secret trail

A picturesque bridge

The walking trail includes several physical challenges that were no match for my children. They took to the stepping stones and climbing webs like they were mere toys.

Big stones/stumps for a little girl

J makes like a statue

Waves of webs are no match for him!

Tricky two-rope walk

L aces the two-rope walk

Sharing a horizontal web

Sharing a vertical web

With those victories under their belts, they took a little rest before heading on to the playground proper.

Playground sign

Playground equipment

Who will get to the top first?

The challenge here is not to fall asleep

J goes for a spin

Just outside the playground is a large lake that is fed by a small waterfall. J is still fascinated by waterfalls so we had to take a peek.

One waterfall good for climbing

A slightly less good-for-climbing waterfall

J by the ducks

The stars of the lake were the swans. We saw them almost close up. We wished we had brought some bread or other treats for them to eat. We've gotten better about packing something for pond and river visits.

Pretty close to a swan (thank you, zoom lens!)

Goodbye, swan!

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