Saturday, September 6, 2014

Home fun in the UK

From last year (2013), here are some photos of the kids enjoying the outside of our UK home.

L started bicycling like a whirlwind. She would ride up and down the street every day if she could. She is continuing the habit here in America.

L gets a hand from Daddy

At least I posed

In the back garden, we had a small climbing toy that J used as a launching point. He did a lot of jumping. I've combined various photos to get one awesome jump.

Ready to launch


Catching the air

Flying through the air

Coming in for a landing


L helped to weed the lawn. She made a sweet little bouquet that wound up on the kitchen table as our centerpiece.

Check out my flowers!

Should I add some more?

A happy daughter

It was a great summer at home. Like all our other summers!

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