Saturday, September 20, 2014

Family Art

We finally bought some sidewalk chalk since we didn't find any unpacking (though I don't think we had any in England, we just used Grandmama's at Grandmama's). L did a self-portrait as well as a still life on our front porch.

Self Portrait, Chalk on Concrete

Flower in Blue Sky, Chalk on Concrete

She has also crafted a small farm from PlayMais, which we discovered in Germany and have brought back with us. It's corn-based (which means it's edible) and easy to craft into many different things.

The farm

Farmer with chickens and one sheep

Everybody has heard about turning lemons into lemonade. I was lucky enough to turn spilled tea into art.

Horror of spilling tea

N is too young to make anything other than cute looks.

N in the baby carrier

Contemplative N

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