Thursday, September 11, 2014

Eden Camp, England--Part II

Continuing from the last post, here's more of Eden Camp...

The camp has several outdoor displays as well, including weapons like anti-aircraft guns, small bomb shelters, and various vehicles.

Anti-aircraft gun

RAF Bomb disposal unit memorial

Schutzenpanzerwagen--armored personnel carrier

Kids hanging out by Allied equipment

A bomb shelter

Various air raid shelters

For the children, the camp has a playground which follows the camp's World War II theme.

Eden Camp playground

A and J in a truck

L climbs a watch tower

J on the lookout

View of the camp from the playground walls

Walkway part of the playground

Some of the buildings even recreate the camp itself, showing how the German and Italian POWs lived and what they did with their time.


More of the prison camp

Boats in bottles--something to do

The war effort by the UK armed forces is also shown.

A war room

Models of RAF planes

A walk through WWI trenches


Dress uniforms

The human torpedo?!?

Support for those serving was enhanced by a new invention, the Soyer Boiler, which allowed cooks in the field to prepare large quantities of stew or soup. It is named after M. Soyer, a Frenchman who invented the boiler.

Two Soyer Boilers

The Red Cross was also very active in caring for the wounded on the battlefield.

Red Cross in action

The Red Cross also supported POWs on both sides and made sure their rights under the Geneva Conventions were respected.

Eden Camp is an amazing museum to visit and well worth the trip.

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