Monday, September 15, 2014

Knaresborough Windows, England

In Georgian times, the English government decided to put a tax on windows (what won't governments try to get more revenue?). One way locals fought back was by making blind windows. They'd paint over a spot where a window would normally go with a bit of trompe l'oeil, the style that "fools the eye" into seeing something supposedly real but actually a painting. The tradition is being maintained by a local art project. This building shows a bit of the English Civil War. Knaresborough was divided over the issue. Knaresborough Castle was controlled by the Royalists but the Parliamentarians won their siege and the castle was dismantled in 1648. Sentiments still linger apparently.

House with painted windows

Royalist cavalier about to empty his gun into...

Parliamentarian emptying his chamber pot

Plenty of examples are found throughout the town but I only have a picture of one other--a medieval lady and her lad.

Mom and son?

As a bonus, here is the iconic train bridge in Knaresborough.

Train bridge seen from town

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