Saturday, September 13, 2014

Book Review: Bone Vol. 3 by Jeff Smith

Bone Volume 3: Eyes of the Storm by Jeff Smith

In the aftermath of the Great Cow Race (which included both Phoney Bone becoming indebted to Lucius Down and Gran'ma Ben's farm attacked by the rat creatures), the bigger story picks up. Fone Bone and Thorn (Gran'ma's granddaughter) have had strange dreams about dragons. They eventually confront Gran'ma about Thorn's past and who she really is, which is an amazing revelation.

Meanwhile, Phoney makes a bet with Lucius--they divide Lucius's tavern in half and whoever can make more profit wins. Phoney wins freedom from debt; Lucius wins life-long servitude from Phoney and Smiley Bone. It looks like a bad bet since all the villagers hate Phoney, but can he make it work?

Also meanwhile, the rat creatures are gathering again and a new and unexpected (and unexplained) leader is guiding their actions. Who could it be and what plan does he have for Phoney Bone?

The book is a great blend of action, comedy, and storytelling. This series keeps getting better!

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