Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book Review: Outer Banks Tales to Remember

Outer Banks Tales to Remember
by Charles Harry Whedbee

This fun little folk lore book has a dozen or so stories from the Outer Banks (the island chain on North Carolina's Atlantic coast). The tales include merchants and pirates, hunters and lovers, native Americans and new settlers to the Outer Banks. Some stories involve ghosts or witches or haunted swamps and trees. Most are from over a hundred years ago and have been passed down as oral tradition. In the foreword, author Charles Harry Whedbee says "Efforts have been made to substantiate these tales, where possible, by research and documentation. However, the unverified stories, too, are entitled to respect, told as they are by sincere and honest people. Whether you believe any or all of them, a tale should be, like beauty, its own excuse for being." The book is very entertaining and a nice light read. It will provide tales I'll contribute to Forgotten Classics in the future.

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