Friday, February 24, 2012

The Walking Dead Episode 209, "Triggerfinger"

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 9: Triggerfinger

TV Rating


ZPAA rating

Late teen and up

Gore level

8.5 out of 10--Zombie forcing his head through a window peals back a lot of his skin and looks pretty nasty; bloody aftermath of a gunfight; a human getting eaten by zombies as we watch; impaled limb (which is later un-impaled on screen); zombies shot and bashed; attempted emergency field leg-ectomy (or is it leg-otomy?); trophy ear hanging in the dark.

Other offensive content

Lying for the supposed greater good; bad attitudes displayed by most of the characters (what is this, Downton Abbey?); Lori changes her shirt with her back to the camera; mild swearing and near swearing; abandoning friends/allies; Glenn is a knucklehead.

How much zombie mythology/content

Hershel seems to have fully accepted that zombies are zombies and not sick humans who can be cured.

How much fun

Little bits of humor are found here and there; mostly this is a character drama.

Synopsis & Review

After Rick pulled the classic Star Wars move (you know, back when Han shot first), he is holed up with Glenn and Hershel at the bar. The friends of the nasty guys Rick gunned down show up in town and conflict begins. Rick tries to talk his way out but shots are soon exchanged. How will they get out of this mess and how soon will zombies show up?

Meanwhile, Lori is in her car wreck and wakes up when a zombie tries to eat through the window. She manages to break free but how will she get back to the farm, or will show go on to town to find Rick?

Meanwhile, back at the farm everybody finally notices Lori's absence when she doesn't show up for dinner. Shane decides to go after her because he wants to keep everyone safe no matter what it takes, including lying and killing. If only he would start using someone else's definition of "safe". Daryl is off on his own reverting to redneck loner status even though Carol is trying to bring him out of it. Hershel's daughter is still in her coma, providing the other characters something to be angsty over.

This episode sees a lot of people drawing up sides and some choosing to sit and sulk instead (I'm looking at you, Daryl and Glenn). It will be interesting to see if Hershel and Rick can maintain their newly formed bond and if Shane can keep anyone on his side. And what is going to happen with or to the newcomer to the group? More next week!

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  1. At least the show moved forward this episode, had this been the first part of the season it would have been 3 episodes before they got out of the bar. I would have pulled a Shane with the kid that got impaled and left him to buy me a couple minutes while he became a snack. You know what Shane’s biggest problem is? Lori, I mean here is a woman who is bound and determined to undermine him and help push him over the edge, and now she clued Rick into her odd world. Why wouldn’t she want two baby daddies? What if one of them gets eaten? Well we know what Lori would do if one of them were out of the picture, so I guess that is a mute point. You think T-Dogg will die before he ever has more then 3 lines in an episode? I have to admit the last two episodes have covered more ground then the first seven of the season. . I watched Trigger Finger again this morning on AMC’s page on DISH online, and I am still as lost about some things as I was before, but tell me the zombie peeling its own face off to get through the hole in the windshield wasn’t awesome.