Saturday, February 25, 2012

Royal Subjects

I have a lot of random photos I've intended to post but just haven't got around to it or they were only one or two photos and didn't seem to make a whole entry (though sometimes it was just laziness). So here's a completely made up and often arbitrary narrative...

Once upon a time at the library, Jacob and Lucy made crowns. These weren't just any crowns. They were magical crowns that turned them into a prince and a princess. Their reign over our hearts might even last longer than Queen Elizabeth II's reign!

Off to Narnia to rule benevolently

Jacob unfortunately fell into hard times without his crown. He wound up being a villain, or at least having a mustache like one.

Okay, maybe he doesn't look so evil here

A wicked laugh and darker complexion show how he's changed

Ultimately, he turned back to truth, justice, and the American way. If only others would do the same.

Ready to defend what's right

Sticking to truth, justice, and the American way

Meanwhile, Lucy patiently awaits her turn in the spotlight.

But for how long..and why does she have the same shirt?

She takes matters into her own hands and forms them into goodness and light. With help from Auntie Gayle, it's the goodness and light of cookies!

Who is the student and who the master?
We don't care, because we have cookies!

Like Slumdog Millionaire and The Artist, let's end with a happy dance!

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  1. That dance is soooo cute! -Auntie Gayle