Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rainbow Detection

This country seems to be the land of rainbows. I've probably seen as many rainbows here in seven or eight months as I've seen the rest of my life elsewhere. Rainy, misty weather does have an upside. You just have to know where to look.

Driving Jacob to school today, I saw the end of a rainbow on the horizon in front of me. Then I looked off to the right and saw the other end of the rainbow. As we drove further, we hit the sweet spot and I could see the whole bow from end to end, arcing across the sky majestically. Jacob said, "Daddy, drive through the rainbow!" I wish I could have. If only it weren't an impenetrable phenomenon. We all enjoyed the view.

Too bad I was driving or I'd have taken a picture. I suppose I could have stopped but we were already running late for school. If we had been on time, we might have missed it. By the time we arrived at school, it was gone. The children didn't really notice; they were already on to the next adventure. School for Jacob and a snack for Lucy.

I can see why these islands have stories built around rainbows. "Write about what you know" clearly applies.

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