Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hesketh Farm Park in the Wintertime

Long before half term, we went to visit Hesketh Farm Park, hoping for a fun experience of farm life in the Yorkshire Dales. Unfortunately, I did not do a good job reading the web site. Since it was the end of January, the farm was closed. The outdoor playground was still open, being outdoors and mostly unfenced. We decided to make the most of it and have some play time anyway.

The kids didn't notice that anything was wrong and were glad to race off and play on an empty play area.

Arriving at the playground area

Jacob liked this "obstacle course," as he called it

Lucy is getting good at climbing

Other parts had fun things to play on.

Slide built into the hill!

Lucy is getting skillful at big swings

Jacob loves a spider climb

After a while, we went to look at the view. We also walked around the go-kart track.

More spectacular in person, believe me

Pretending to be cars!

Not all the play equipment was available, which meant we had to play some extra on the previous equipment.

Jacob wanted to do some digging. Maybe the ground is too cold to allow this.

Lucy gets tired

Two happy climbers

Jacob knew what to do with this sign. Lucy had to figure it out and stand on her tippy toes.

Jacob did have a fun day

Lucy on the wrong side

How cute!

We'll have to go back in warmer weather and when we can see the animals. And ride the go-karts. And get a snack. Now we know where to go!

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