Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moive Trailer: The FP

Apocalypse Apocalypse Revolution! Check out this crazy trailer that sort of seems like a post-apocalyptic future where the stakes are high and the ultimate human physical competition will decide the fate of the everyone involved. Now, you might think I am describing the highly anticipated The Hunger Games, but this movie is oh, so much more than The Hunger Games ever will be. Just watch the trailer.

Forget about some one-versus-all combat in a dystopic future society to decide who gets to eat the last Twinkie. Isn't that what The Hunger Games is about? Maybe I've confused it with Zombieland. The Hunger Games has to be about food, right? I guess it would help if I read the books. But I digress.

What could be more exciting than a to-the-death DDR competition to save your town or take control of your town or get a cool pair of boots (at least I assume they are cool--maybe I'm out of touch about that too). Why hasn't anyone thought of blending sports movies, post-apocalyptic/dystopic movies, and video gaming before? All they need are some zombies!

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