Friday, February 17, 2012

Darley Mill Playground

Lucy and I made a fascinating discovery the other day. We went to Darley Mill to buy some presents. After we were done shopping, Lucy wanted to walk around outside. Specifically, she wanted to climb the stairs out back that lead up past the mill wheel and to the little canal that fuels the wheel. We walked down one side of the canal and went through a stone doorway. The moment was a magical journey from a child's story, for we came upon this as we went through.

Huzzah! What could be more fun!

Naturally, this playground is not spectacular like Valley Gardens. But any new playground is a joyful experience, more so if it is an unexpected find. Lucy liked the bouncy riders, though she did need a little practice.

This is one of those angry birds!

Looks scarier but is more fun than an angry bird.

She made me ride with her on the see-saw. I enjoyed the opportunity to play too! She went down the slide several times. She asked me to play the "high five" game where I put my hand up to be slapped high-five style as she goes down.

Later, she walked over to a nearby table to give it a high five. Unfortunately, the table is a little rougher than my hand. She was okay. Kids bounce back so fast.

Old mill wheel put to good use

We were soon done playing but will keep our happy memories for a long time to come.

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