Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jacob's Second Week at School

Jacob has had another fun week at school. After last Saturday's snow (some of which is still on the ground a week later), the school was supplied with materials for a craft that is often impossible: making an actual snow man. Lots of times people make snow men from cotton or construction paper or other materials, but his class made one out of snow. He was quite excited about it. I only wish I could have seen it. He was hiding out back somewhere.

The class also read "Snow White" this week. One craft inspired by the story was making crowns. Jacob was proudly wearing his crown when I came to pick him up on Tuesday. I didn't get a picture of him wearing it, but here it is on its own:

They also read some nursery rhymes like "Hickory, Dickory, Dock" which led to clock making. Unlike the snow man, this craft wasn't so literal. Instead of constructing a clock from gears and bits, they drew a clock.

He knows numbers better than he can write them.

On the last day of class, they had a "dress down" day where parents donated money to a family with a disabled child and the student could wear whatever they wanted. One of the girls came dressed as Snow White. Jacob, however, wanted to wear his usual dark trousers and red sweatshirt (which they call a "jumper" at the school). We gave money anyway. Not knowing how much to give, I offered at ten-pound note. The assistant asked if I wanted change. I asked what people usually give. She said a pound or two was normal. So I fished out two coins from my pocket and donated.

Jacob's last craft of the week was making a flower, maybe for Valentine's Day?

He couldn't wait to show this to Mommy

Also, I discovered in his little backpack a painting he had done earlier in the week. Often these paintings get put on a rack to dry so they can come home dry. When I asked Jacob what it was, he said it was a face. It's not so hard to see if you look.

At least the eyes are recognizable

Next week is "half term" which means the kids have the whole week off from school. The term started about six weeks ago; they'll have another six weeks or so before the term ends for Easter break. Hopefully we'll do some adventuring around the area. York is having a week-long Viking festival. Maybe we'll make some crafts there!

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