Monday, February 27, 2012

Zombie Summer Camp

Not sure what the caption refers to...
No, alas, it's not a place for zombies to congregate and have a fun time chowing down on whatever youngsters are accidentally sent to camp by inattentive parents. These camps are all about surviving the coming zombie apocalypse. You have three choices:

Going to the one for kids: Summer CampZ. Your child can learn archery, wilderness survival, stealth, and invisibility. What more could you want? At least they won't teach your child to turn you into a zombie like my wife and me.

Going to the one for adults: Zombie First Responder, though you have to hurry, because it runs March 10-11, 2012. Learn basic survival skills and ninja stealth skills, as well as killing zombies with Nerf arrows!

Going without: If you don't attend, you may not last long when the end comes. You might just wind up as one of the zombies! Join us!!

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  1. Nice post. Zombie camps really attract children. Nice and coll. Thank you for sharing......