Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lucy's Crafty Week

Not to be outdone by Jacob's school work, Lucy has gone into overdrive producing fun crafts to share on the blog. Unfortunately we don't have a metal refrigerator, so the only spot we can put these gems up are on the web. Enjoy!

Last week at the library, Lucy made two bookmarks, one for Jacob and one for her. They don't really need bookmarks because we have always finished whatever book of theirs we are reading, but someday it will come in handy.

A little glue and a lot of love goes a long way; clippings from magazines help too!

During the week, she has become more and more interested in finger painting. She is putting out a large volume of work. I'm not sure if these are oriented properly. Lucy won't give me a straight answer on which side is up. I guess art is supposed to speak for itself.

She also had a library craft this week. It's dental hygiene week or something of the sort, so the stories were about brushing teeth and the craft was decorating a tooth. Well, a drawing of a tooth. Unfortunately it did not dry before we left the library, so some of the glue and glitter wound up on Lucy's jacket.

The blue border was better before bringing back home

Our neighbor Lanara was over one afternoon and all the kids worked out an elaborate train track in our family room.

Jacob took a picture too!

I am sad to leave you with this final picture, which isn't really a craft that Lucy did. But it is her work. Maybe it's a warning to people who don't know which end is up when it comes to her finger painting.

I guess she doesn't want to play with this doll anymore

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