Monday, April 23, 2012

Cabin in the Woods (Day 3)

We had a quiet third day at the cabin in Minnesota. Lucy did a lot of building while Jacob showed Grandpa how to play with his robot Alphie.

Not sure what it's supposed to be, but it goes well with breakfast.

Explaining the robot to the grandpa

Later on the children got into drumming on the great kit Granny had assembled.

Explaining the drums to the grandson

A fun duet!

They also visited the ever popular tree fort. Jacob developed a nameless game where someone would hand him a stick and he'd drop it in between the floor boards of the tree fort. That game, like most popular games for pre-schoolers, had really great mileage. Grandpa would egg Jacob on, saying he wouldn't be able to get the next stick through the floor boards. Jacob eventually would pull it off.

Grandpa tries to block Jacob's next move

Lucy provides the next stick

Getting the drop on Grandpa

That afternoon, we made a little bonfire which was vanquished by the afternoon rain. It was fun while it lasted.

Starting it up

Getting better; too bad the rain came

Lucy was smart enough to play inside with the little kitchen set up downstairs.

Checking the cupboard

This night, my wife joined in the zombie antics as we played a four-person version of Grave Business. I tried to get all the parts of the Master so I didn't have to win by points but was vanquished by Helen's talented steal from my vault at the last minute. I enjoyed the game nonetheless. Sadly, the next day would be our last. Our last in Minnesota, that is.

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  1. You deserved to win that game, with your domination of the maahstah pieces.